About Us

Whats HealthZwealtH

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Its our mission at HealthZwealtH Technologies to provide our users with our innovative product in order to efficiently manage their health profile. Our core belief is in improving healthcare through technology. We would like to be remembered as a company that provides true value in health care, hence the name HealthZwealtH.

Why Us

At HealthZwealtH technologies we are focused on providing necessary healthcare solutions and services to our users and healthcare providers. Our goal and vision is in creating a robust and secure platform to maintain our users personal health records, which is easily and securely accessible to them and their health care providers over the cloud, on any device (computer, tablet, mobile) based on our user's convenience. We also intend on enabling small, medium and large health care providers to deliver efficient patient care through our technological solutions, both cloud and standalone server based.

The team

HealthZwealth has a core founding team comprised of enthusiastic and passionate individuals with over 20 years of IT & technical experience in fortune 500 organizations such as Oracle, Huawei. With our zeal and focus we intend on taking our company to greater heights.

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